If you think that Google is just another search engine, you have to think again. Did you know that Google is designed to help you grow your business too? With Google, you get to gain a deeper insight of your consumers and thus get to improve on your marketing strategies. You also get to improve your site.

Here are four tools that Google provides:

1. Google Analytics

Know who your page’s visitors are and what they check out when they’re on your site. Gain insight on where they’re coming from and the tools that they use to reach your page. Every data gathered by Google on your page is a milestone closer to understanding how to approach your market best, ensuring efficiency as well as efficacy in every aspect.

2. Google PageSpeed

Improve engagement with your consumers online by optimizing your page/s. Google PageSpeed data will help you spot and automatically address aspects of your pages which need optimization for higher visitor conversions and retentions.

3. Google URL builder

Learn more of what link would best capture the interest of your market with Google URL builder. This tool will help you determine which among your URLs elicit higher market response, helping you formulate and decide on how to proceed with your entrepreneurial campaign.

4. Google AdWords

What better way for you to advertise than to put up your ad in a widely-used browser such as Google? Now, people can see you as they look for things that you offer. And the real deal is that you don’t even have to pay for those ads until someone clicks on your link or pays you a call!

While you are poring over the tools that Google has to offer for your business, keep in mind the following tips to naturally optimize search engine results. The tips you will find below are what computer experts would call natural SEO methods. In other words, remember these five tips below to ensure that your site makes it to the top of the search list.

– Build your page to appeal to users

– Be an authority in a subject matter so people will be more inclined to check you out

– Attract people to your site through links to make sure that people talk about you

– Allow for greater social interaction in your page

– Make sure to optimize your page performance

Google is the business person’s best friend. Let Portagemma help you use the above listed tools (and more) that Google provides to give your business more visitors, more sales and more profit.


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