Adam White from SEOjet research has resulted in a proven backlink anchor text “link mapping” strategy.

Focus your backlink building using results from a comprehensive study of 5734 anchor texts. Using this strategy means limited time and resources are used in the most effective way in your backlink building efforts.

What is the backlink Anchor Text link mapping strategy?

The linkback anchor text link mapping strategy contains 12 anchor text categories;

  1. Keywords: A link back to your website includes the keywords you want to rank for.For example, for WoodsIT, I want to rank for the following keywords; Web Hosting, Web Hosting Coffs Harbour, WordPress Website Design and Managed WordPress Web Hosting.The URL used would be either my main home page URL, being https://woodsit.com.au/ or if I am promoting a particular page or blog post the URL of that page or post.So the ideal backlink would be;Web Hosting
    Web Hosting Coffs Harbour
    WordPress Website Design
    Managed WordPress Web Hosting
  2. Keyword plus: where the anchor text contains the keyword(s) plus other text.An example would be “For more information contact your local Coffs Harbour web hosting company“.
  3. Brand: Anchor text with just your brand (or business name).In my case a link such as WoodsIT.
  4. Brand plus keyword: here the anchor text includes both keywords and your brand/business name.A good example would be “Web Hosting by WoodsIT“.
  5. Partial keyword: Anchor text that contains part of your keyword phrase.An example would be “100% managed hosting company“.
  6. Full URL: So just your website URL.In my case, it would be https://woodsit.com.au/
  7. Website name: Anchor would look like your domain name typed out, such as; WoodsIT.com.au
  8. Homepage URL: Anchor text is the homepage URL even if the hyperlink is pointing to a subpage.
  9. URL with the www’s: Anchor text includes www but without http or https.Such as www.woodsit.com.au
  10. No text: A image hyperlinked to your website URL but with no alt text.
  11. Page Title/Blog Post Title: Anchor text the whole page name/title or blog post name/title.
  12. Natural: This anchor text uses no keywords, brand or business name.Examples are “here“, “click here” and “this website“.

How many of each backlink  Anchor text is ideal?

The research results also clearly provide the number of each type of anchor text backlinks that are ideal.

The below is a percentage of total backlinks for each of your website’s internal pages and posts (but not the home page – your home page is treated differently – see next section);

  1. Page title: 22%
  2. URL: 16%
  3. Natural: 16%
  4. Keyword plus: 11%
  5. Brand: 9%
  6. Keyword: 9%
  7. Brand/website name plus keyword: 6%
  8. Partial keyword: 5%
  9. Home URL: 3%
  10. Websitename.com: 2%
  11. URL with www: 0%
  12. No text: 0%

How many of each backlink Anchor text is ideal for a Homepage?

What about a backlink strategy for your homepage. The research shows these percentages are approximately the ideal:

  1. Websitename.com: 30%
  2. Brand/business name: 20%
  3. URL with www’s: 16%
  4. Full URL: 12%
  5. Natural: 6%

Organic SEO and Anchor Text - a proven strategy

Organic SEO and Anchor Text – a proven strategy


Thanks to Adam White of SEOjet for his research and resulting blog posts, How To Build Backlinks – An SEO Link Strategy From 5,734 Anchor Texts and Homepage SEO.