Decided it is time to move to your website to SSL / https?

Especially now, SSL certificates are available free with Portagemma Business Hosting.

There are many good reasons to undertake the extra step, for example;

  1. ideal if you sell goods online
  2. many of your customers will expect SSL security now especially if you are asking them for personal information
  3. it looks professional – many of the biggest business websites are now SSL
  4. google gives you a little extra page rank for going https

Jan-Willem Bobbink in his post with the same title Eliminate the SEO risks when moving to SSL / HTTPs provides a comprehensive overview and plan to move your website from http to https.

Starting with these pointers;

  1. make sure you use the correct and most suitable certificate for your website(s)
  2. choose the correct encryption level and
  3. make sure to optimize the server for using HTTPS

Visit his blog (link above) for the full detailed plan.

Google also publishes this page to help webmasters and owners: Secure your site with HTTPS

From the Portagemma Team!