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In a post titled Don’t touch that PDF or webpage until your Windows PC is patched in The Register describes 41 listed CVE vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are known (CVE listed) and attackers can create malicious software to exploit them.

Of particular note are vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s internet browser EDGE and their application used to open PDF files, Windows PDF Viewer. PDF’s are considered safe and routinely downloaded from the internet and opened without any real user concern.

Patch your Windows operating system early, install updates this morning.

The Australian Government website “Stay Smart Online” also posted today regarding this and other important vendor security updates (such as Adobe Flash and Google’s Chrome browser). Read their post here: Software providers update products to address security flaws.

Article first posted on 9 Feb 2016 by Shaun Nichols on The Register titled Don’t touch that PDF or webpage until your Windows PC is patched.

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