Making good quality content is hard work with sometimes hours invested in writing, formatting and choosing images for the article. To make the most of all your effort for the longest time it is recommended it is regularly updated. Content can become old very quickly but there are a number of solutions.

Old content can be refreshed and drive traffic once again to your website.

Ten reasons to update your content;

  1. Fall in Click Through Rate (CTR)
    If checking Google Search Console / Google Analytics shows the article CTR is really low then review the article title and description.
  2. Badly written
    Rework poorly written content, make it better and improve readability.
  3. Low search traffic
    Prioritize the articles that are low and update the content with the most potential.
  4. Outdated information
    Update the information so it is correct.
  5. Remove broken links
    And add new!
  6. Add important updates
    If new information is now at hand make sure it is added.
  7. Add images or videos
    All text then add some color with images or better yet, video.
  8. Giving content a second life
    Maybe it reach the expected audience the first time it was published, ask yourself why and what can be improved this time. Reevaluate your content, update it and market it again.
  9. Your helping people
    Good content is good content, republishing good content means a whole new group of people may have the opportunity to read it.
  10. Updating content works
    Yes, there have been studies and it works. Vox’s evergreen project is impressive.

Full article 10 Smart Reasons Why You Should Update Older Content by Danny Goodwin can be found on Search Engine Journal.

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10 Smart Reasons Why You Should Update Older Content