Next Event Date: 28 October 2018
Venue: Hamilton, Brisbane Area,  QLD, AU
Distance: 80km
Indicative Rate * AU$99 to AU$109

Sponsored by Brisbane BMW and Westside BMW, the eighth annual Ride for Life challenge will be held on the 28th of October, 2018. The event will feature hundreds of other cycling enthusiasts, and will include riding together in the midst of renowned personalities within the cycling circle. Alongside this, participants will be accompanied by cycle pack police escorts, course cycle guides, first aid, and mechanical support, and they will be granted with frequent rest stops that offer refreshments.


Since it began in 2010, the Ride for Life challenge, facilitated by Brisbane and Westside BMW, has raised over $100,000 for various local charities, some of which include Guide Dogs and Epilepsy Queensland, alongside the MND and Me Foundation.


Fully supported by the Queensland Police and BMW Support Crews, the 2018 Ride for Life course will include cycling on an 80km loop around Brisbane and across the Story Bridge, eventually leading out to Redland Bay. The course around the city will commence and conclude at the Northshore Riverside Park, Hamilton, and registered cyclists will receive their start time two weeks prior to the event date.  


The format of the course is unique; rather than have its riders cycle apart, the participants forming each pack will stay and move together. However, the primary categories of this event are as follows:

Individuals: Tailored toward cycling enthusiasts and everyday commuters, the participants of this category will receive a start time and will be placed into a certain wave depending on their speed.

Corporate Teams: Catered toward a team of colleagues, friends, or family members, the participants of this category will be granted with the ability to cycle in the midst of familiar faces. However, similar to the Individual category, the start time of entrants will depend on their entered speed, therefore, to ensure that the team cycles together, a common speed must be decided among all of the members.

The existing speed groups have been displayed below:
22km/hr, 23-24km/hr, 25-26km/hr, 27-28km/hr, 29-30km/hr, 31-33km/hr.

Owing to the cycle pack format of this event, and the varying levels of difficulty of the set course, it is important to note that this event is not suitable for young children, mountain bikers, or those who have never ridden on the road before.

Route for the Course: Click map to enlarge view

As a charity event, the Ride for Life challenge offers a speed for everyone, thus enabling its participants to support and raise funds for Guide Dogs QLD. Owing to the closure of the Early Bird registration, available tickets are now priced at the Standard Entry price.
Participants will receive a Ventou event jersey, which will be included in the entry price, and which is to be worn on the day of the event.

Registration: https://rideforlifechallenge.com.au/#jquery_tab

For more Information & event updates:

Official Website: www.rideforlifechallenge.com.au

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/BMWRideForLifeChallenge/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rideforlifechallenge/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/bmwrideforlife

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